Up & Down & Sideways

Motion Graphics programmed with Animation Nodes in 3D Software. The goal was to find a solution to adjust the different paths of the blocks without collisions. They move in three-dimensional space with the rule to stay within a certain zone so that the graphic does not visually fall apart.

Bloom Cover Artwork

In the virtual room installation „Radiant Philistinism“, which was realized using 3D software, I contrast various lifestyles. Dignified ambience meets neon tubes that proliferate in the room. Lighting moods inspired by works of Dan Flavin. A place that seems surreal and familiar at the same time.

KOLORIT Sound Kollektiv Poster Design

The audiovisual concerts of KOLORIT are based on two experiences. The acoustic aspect of electronic music or sound experiments and the visual spectacle of video projection. Sound as vibration of air in the room, on whose foundation the video pixels flow.